Police Respond to Domestic Dispute; Suspect Found Hiding at Hotel

Police Respond to Domestic Dispute; Suspect Found Hiding at Hotel
Cody Jones - Saline County Booking

On Saturday, March 16th at approximately 5:30 pm the Salina Police Department received a distress call concerning a domestic dispute on the 700 block of South 2nd Street. Officers arrived to find a 38-year-old female at the scene, reporting a confrontation with a former partner who had entered her residence.

According to reports, the male individual, identified as 27-year-old Cody M Jones of Salina, engaged in an argument with the woman. The situation escalated as he kicked in a door. The door struck a 10-year-old child who was present during the incident. The child obtained no injuries. He also allegedly physically assaulted her, pushing and grabbing her, resulting in minor injuries including slight redness around the neck.

The altercation also involved property damage, with the assailant throwing a computer, damaging it, and stealing the woman's Samsung phone before fleeing the scene.

Notably, the suspect had a protection order against him and was not welcome at the location. Police later located Jones at a hotel on 636 Westport Boulevard around 9:00 pm that same evening, where he attempted to hide behind mattresses located behind the building.

Jones now faces multiple requested charges including aggravated burglary, criminal damage to property, domestic battery, violation of a protection order, and theft. The damaged property was valued at $1,050 for the damaged door, and $250 for the stolen phone.

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