City Commissioners Approve Development Plans for Southlands Development, LLC

City Commissioners Approve Development Plans for Southlands Development, LLC

In a recent decision by Salina City Commissioners, they have approved a series of development proposals put forth by Southlands Development, LLC. This is a significant step forward for the transformation of a large tract of land located at the northwest quadrant of the Water Well Road and I-135 interchange.

The approved plans include requests for annexation, rezoning, and preliminary platting of the property, all aimed at facilitating the creation of a commercial subdivision. Notably, the development will feature a convenience store/travel plaza, with additional commercial and industrial uses planned for future phases.

Southlands Development, LLC, led by Jake Bradley, spearheaded the effort to bring about this transformation. Their proposal included annexing the entire tract into the city limits to access municipal services, particularly water and sewer utilities. While the majority of the property will remain zoned agricultural, a portion will be rezoned as C-7 (Highway Commercial) to accommodate the envisioned convenience store and related commercial activities.

The decision to approve the development plans came after careful consideration by the Planning Commission, which recommended the proposals. Factors such as changing community conditions, alignment with the city's Comprehensive Plan goals, and the need for commercial development near major transportation corridors weighed heavily in the decision-making process.

With this approval, Southlands Development, LLC can move forward with their vision for the property, which sits at a critical juncture of Salina's transportation network. The development is poised to enhance the area's accessibility and provide vital services to residents and travelers alike.

The unanimous support from the City Commissioners emphasizes the consensus around the potential benefits of this development for the community. As the project progresses, it is expected to not only generate additional tax revenue for the city but also contribute to the economic vitality of the region.

The approval of Southlands Development, LLC's plans marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to shape Salina's growth and development in a manner that aligns with the city's long-term vision and goals.

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