City of Salina Updates Chicken Ordinance

City of Salina Updates Chicken Ordinance
Photo by Jarah Cooper

The City of Salina has recently made revisions to its municipal code regarding the keeping of chickens within city limits. The amendments, outlined in Ordinance No. 24-11198, aim to address concerns regarding coop proximity, offensive odors, and other regulations related to chicken-keeping ownership.

Previously, the city code restricted chicken coops within 50 feet of any structure used by residents, making enforcement challenging. The proposed changes modify this restriction to a more specific requirement: coops must be at least 50 feet away from any inhabited dwelling, except that of the owner. Additionally, regulations on offensive odors have been refined to specify interference with property enjoyment by emanating or crossing property lines.

Key Changes:

  • The proposed ordinance eliminates the need for permits or restrictions on the number of chickens based on parcel size.
  • Coops are restricted to rear yards, with exceptions for corner lots where coops can be in side yards behind the residence.
  • Roosters and live chicken slaughter remain permissible under the updated ordinance.

Commission Decision:
Following discussions and recommendations from the Animal Control Advisory and Appeals Board (ACAAB), the City Commission decided not to implement a permit requirement or restrict chicken numbers by parcel size. The commission passed Ordinance No. 24-11198 with a 4-1 vote, excluding the provision prohibiting chickens within 10 feet of the owner's lot line.

Next Steps:
The revised ordinance will go into effect on January 1, 2025. In the meantime, city staff is available to assist with any proposed amendments or deletions. The commission invites public input and may consider further revisions in the future.

The updated ordinance reflects a balance between residents' desire to keep chickens and the need to address concerns such as coop proximity and offensive odors. By providing clearer guidelines, the city aims to ensure the responsible keeping of chickens while preserving community harmony.

For more information on Ordinance No. 24-11198 and its implications, residents can visit the City of Salina's website or contact city officials for assistance.

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