City Commissioners Update Dump Truck Contracts due to Supply Chain Issues

City Commissioners Update Dump Truck Contracts due to Supply Chain Issues

In a unanimous decision, Salina City Commissioners voted to amend contracts with Master Tech Truck and Equipment for two 2022 dump truck bids. The amendment comes in response to significant delays in delivery and market price increases due to extenuating circumstances.

Master Tech Truck and Equipment, the sole responsive bidder for the dump trucks, faced challenges in meeting the 180-day delivery timeframe due to supply chain issues and internal management problems. Despite these hurdles, the vendor completed the trucks as specified and requested moderate price increases to offset the rising costs.

The city considered three options: enforcing the original contract, canceling and rebidding the equipment, or amending the contracts to accommodate the price increases. Ultimately, commissioners chose to amend the contracts, citing the urgency of acquiring essential equipment and the potential risks associated with delays.

The fiscal note attached to the decision highlighted the reasonable nature of the requested price increases, given the current market conditions. The total increase of $26,000 for the two dump trucks is manageable within the vehicle and equipment budget.

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