City Approves License Agreement for Parking Stalls at Mulberry Street

City Approves License Agreement for Parking Stalls at Mulberry Street

The City Commissioners have unanimously approved a license agreement with 1858 Properties, LLC, permitting the construction and maintenance of off-street parking stalls in the Mulberry Street right-of-way. This decision follows deliberations considering public interest, zoning regulations, and neighborhood compatibility.

The agreement allows 1858 Properties, LLC to utilize part of the right-of-way at the southwest corner of South Santa Fe Avenue and Mulberry Street for parking. The property, formerly housing Safelite Auto Glass, is slated for redevelopment into a sit-down restaurant.

The proposal, aimed at remodeling the existing building and constructing additional parking, required rezoning from residential to commercial use. Notably, the C-4 zoning exempts businesses from providing a prescribed amount of off-street parking, reflecting a reliance on public, shared, and on-street parking in the downtown area.

While concerns were raised about encroaching into public right-of-way, measures were outlined to ensure compliance and mitigate any potential issues. The licensee, 1858 Properties, LLC, will bear responsibility for construction, maintenance, and enforcement of parking restrictions.

The Planning Commission's recommendation and analysis highlighted the compatibility of the proposed changes with the surrounding area's zoning and land use patterns. Additionally, it aligned with downtown development goals, encouraging infill development and creating a "park once" destination.

With no fiscal impact anticipated on the city, the approval signals a step forward in revitalizing the downtown area and accommodating future commercial ventures.

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