Saline County Repurposes Unspent ARPA Funds for Community Projects

Saline County Repurposes Unspent ARPA Funds for Community Projects

During the County Commission meeting on February 20, 2024, a proposal to repurpose unspent funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for two community projects was approved. The funds, totaling $10,532,376, were initially allocated for various initiatives outlined in the ARPA framework plan adopted by the Commission in 2021.

The first project involves repurposing unspent security staffing funds earmarked for the City/County Building. With $9,834 remaining from the Sheriff's budget, it was decided to allocate these funds, along with an additional $3,198, towards installing a security system at 203 N. 10th Street. This building, leased by the County, requires enhanced security due to active equipment storage and potential future use by county offices.

The second initiative entails assisting the City of New Cambria with upgrading its outdoor warning siren. The city requested $1,200 from unspent grant funds to cover a portion of the upgrade costs.

Additionally, remaining unspent funds from various projects, ranging from 8 cents to over $1,150, will be allocated towards a downtown facility study, providing further community benefit.

The repurposing of these funds not only addresses new community needs but also ensures the efficient utilization of ARPA resources in accordance with the County's established framework plan.

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