Salina Pursues KDOT Grant for Liberty Addition Infrastructure

Salina Pursues KDOT Grant for Liberty Addition Infrastructure

Salina is pushing ahead with plans to develop the Liberty Addition area, located at Ohio Street and East Schilling Road. The City recently submitted a grant application to the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), seeking $1,495,666.50 for infrastructure improvements.

The project stems from a 2003 agreement between Salina and South Ohio Land LLC, outlining future infrastructure needs. Now, the proposed improvements for Phase II include pavement, curbs, gutters, storm sewers, and clearing, with a total cost of $2,006,556.50. South Ohio Land LLC is set to cover the local match, except for costs related to a previously agreed-upon box culvert installation.

The development holds promise for job creation, with two companies—Project "Spark" and Project "HS"—planning significant expansions. Project "Spark" will invest $15 million, retaining its 45-employee workforce, while Project "HS" anticipates hiring more workers and investing in new equipment.

The Salina Community Economic Development Organization (SCEDO) has endorsed the grant application, pending an agreement between the city and South Ohio Land LLC. The agreement outlines financial responsibilities and ensures compliance with the 2003 agreement.

The City Commission considered both the local match funding agreement and the grant application submission, emphasizing the importance of strategic development and economic growth for Salina. This passed in a 5-0 vote.

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