Salina City Commission Approves Placement of 2023 People's Choice Sculpture to Oxbow Park

Salina City Commission Approves Placement of 2023 People's Choice Sculpture to Oxbow Park

The Salina City Commission has authorized the acceptance of the 2023 People's Choice sculpture, "Phoenix Rising" by Jodi Bliss, for placement on public property. This decision was made following a thorough review process by Salina Arts & Humanities (SAH) staff and the Community Art and Design (CAD) Committee.

"Phoenix Rising" was selected as the People's Choice Award winner from the SculptureTour Salina exhibition. This annual event showcases sculptures from artists across the country, with the chosen pieces displayed in downtown Salina from mid-May to the following April.

The decision to accept "Phoenix Rising" into the city's public art collection was accompanied by a recommendation for its placement in Oxbow Park, located at the east end of McAdams Street. This recommendation was supported by Parks & Recreation Director Jeff Hammond and approved by the Arts Commission.

The sculpture, valued at $22,000, will be purchased by the city for $15,000, the maximum amount authorized by the City Commission for the People's Choice Award. The total cost for the artwork, pedestal engineering and construction, signage, and site preparation is projected to be less than $18,800.

In addition to approving the placement of "Phoenix Rising" at Oxbow Park, the City Commission has allocated funds for engineering, if necessary, and installation costs, ensuring that the project remains within the allotted department budget.

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