Unofficial Saline County Landmark Torn Down

Unofficial Saline County Landmark Torn Down
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Nestled in the heart of Saline County's landscape, a charming residence on N Old Highway 81 has captured the attention of locals for decades. This lovingly restored home, currently owned by a dedicated Salina couple, has undergone a remarkable transformation that pays homage to its rich past while embracing the future.

With a history dating back over 130 years, the farm property has witnessed generations of change. The couple who currently call it home embarked on an extensive renovation journey, going so far as to strip the house down to the studs. In their dedication to preserving the essence of the past, they meticulously retained every original element they could salvage, including the beautiful hardwood floors on the second floor and even an original closet door.

However, it's not just the interior that tells the tale of this historical gem. What draws the eye of passersby is the house's exterior, which has been thoughtfully restored to capture the attention of anyone driving by.

On the northwest corner of the homestead, two stone outbuildings that once sheltered farm animals stand as a testament to the property's agricultural roots. Yet, one structure, in particular, held a special place in the hearts of locals—the iconic hay shed.

Although the exact construction date of the hay shed remains a mystery, old photographs suggest it was likely built in the 1960's or later. The shed served as an unofficial landmark for those traveling to or from Salina.

The homeowners recently made the decision to remove the beloved landmark that had graced the landscape for at least six decades. Safety concerns prevailed as high winds threatened to send parts of the shed's roof onto the road. Additionally, the adjacent trees posed a hazard, potentially bringing down the shed in a storm.

The homeowners say that this decision was not taken lightly. They deeply appreciate the outpouring of support for the shed's preservation but emphasize that safety and responsibility guided their actions. Now, even with the shed being absent, all who pass can still appreciate the enduring beauty and charm of the historic elements that still grace the property—a living testament to Saline County's rich heritage.

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