UPDATE: The SPD Emergency Accident Reporting Plan is Canceled

Jan 1, 2022 1 min read
UPDATE: The SPD Emergency Accident Reporting Plan is Canceled

UPDATE: The “Emergency Accident Reporting Plan” is canceled; normal reporting of motor vehicle accidents has resumed.

The Emergency Accident Reporting Plan has been implemented due to severe weather and/or hazardous driving conditions as the number of motor vehicle accidents exceeds the Department’s ability to respond in a timely manner.

Eligible accidents: Any non-hit and run, non-personal injury motor vehicle accident that does not require towing, and does not involve alcohol or drugs.

Driver requirements: Exchange personal information with the other driver(s) involved or property owner. Complete an Emergency Accident Reporting Plan accident report form as completely as possible and mail or deliver the completed report to the Salina Police Department within 48 hours.

Emergency Accident Reporting Plan forms are available at the Salina Police Department, they are also available online by selecting the Emergency Accident Report Form.

The local media will be notified when the Emergency Accident Reporting Plan has ended.

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