Supporters Continue to Fuel the Rise of KWU

Supporters Continue to Fuel the Rise of KWU
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It’s a busy time on Kansas Wesleyan’s campus, perhaps the busiest ever, marked by some of the greatest successes in KWU’s long history. That success is due to supporters, who continued to fuel the rise of KWU this academic year. The university announced Saturday that it had surpassed $5.4 million in cash gifts this fiscal year, marking the fourth straight year it had achieved that feat.

The effort pushes The Power of AND Campaign near the $30 million mark.

The centerpiece of KWU’s fundraising continues to be the aforementioned campaign, which has driven the Music renovation project, Coyote Village (the university’s new student housing) and soon, Bieber Dining Hall (bon appétit). It has also boosted scholarships, helping lead to success in athletics and DECA, and provided new equipment for the Music department. KWU won the KCAC Commissioner’s Cup in athletics for the third time in four years, and has brought in well-respected educators to help lead the Music department, as well.

“It was another great year at Kansas Wesleyan,” said Ken Oliver, executive vice president of advancement and university operations. “We have so many to thank! There are foundations — local, state and national — who have stepped in to advance the mission of KWU. Patrons who have walked alongside us for years have continued to do so, and new faces have come aboard after seeing everything that’s great about a KWU education. We thank all who helped make this such a great year.”

Throughout the fundraising success, KWU’s persistence and retention rates — two figures that tell the percentage of students advancing toward graduation — have been some of the highest in school history.

“Everything we do at Kansas Wesleyan is with the end goal of serving students,” concluded Oliver. “We want to create a rich, welcoming environment where they grow on all fronts, and are prepared to go into the world and make a difference. The financial support the university has received this year enables us to continue to further that goal, to build upon it, and to establish it for generations to come.”

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