Sunflower Summer

Sunflower Summer
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From the wild to the wonderful, the exotic to the engaging, and the graceful to the grandiose. For your family’s next great adventure, discover our wild side at Rolling Hills Zoo, home to some of the most magnificent animals on earth, where you will find unique experiences at every turn!

For a LIMITED time, your family can visit Rolling Hills Zoo & Wildlife Museum for FREE thanks to the Kansas State Department of Education's Sunflower Summer Program - that's right, it's back and better than ever!

All Kansas students (K-12th), and up to 2 accompanying adults, can receive FREE admission to Rolling Hills Zoo & Wildlife Museum, as well over 100 other Kansas attractions, including museums, historic landmarks and much more!

The Kansas Sunflower Summer Program begins this Friday, May 26th and ends on August 13th. Don’t wait! Get started this weekend with a trip to Rolling Hills Zoo!

With over 100 participating venues across Kansas, check out to find out how to make your Sunflower Summer spectacular! Don't forget to download the Sunflower Summer app!

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