Splendid First Friday in Downtown Salina's

Splendid First Friday in Downtown Salina's

Under the enchanting sky of the first Friday in August, Downtown Salina basked in the glory of a picturesque Summer evening. The atmosphere was nothing short of perfect as the community gathered to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of art and music.

Prickly Pear presented the Sunflower Follies Art Studio, headlined by the talented Megan Hessman. Patrons reveled in the beauty of the surroundings as they delved into the intricate strokes of artistic beauty.

Meanwhile, Peaceful Body Wellness Retreat hosted the harmonious "Music on Canvas," by Travis Marack. The evening was an ode to the fusion of music and abstract art, with Travis showcasing his remarkable talents for the very first time in a public setting. "My love for music has guided my life and art and this show is demonstration of that. Without music and art my life would be nothing." Travis passionately expressed.

Subvert Studio emerged as a realm of contemporary creativity, showcasing a collection of Pop Art curated by the brilliant minds of Schriz, Cody Sanders, Jenni Davis, and Matt Kline. The studio walls came alive with a kaleidoscope of colors and perspectives, offering patrons a visual feast that stirred both the mind and soul.

Capping off the evening's festivities, the dynamic talents of Dex and Dean took to City Lights Stage, their music resonating through the heart of the city. Their melodies painted the night sky with notes of harmony, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that encapsulated the spirit of Downtown Salina's artistic camaraderie.

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