SPD Releases Scam Alert

SPD Releases Scam Alert
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A concerned citizen avoided a scam, and the SPD wants to help others avoid it as well.

From the SPD FB page:

Beware: Scam Alert. A citizen in Salina sent us a FB message and posted: "I just received a call from state trooper wanting money donation for fallen police officers. Very polite sounded sincere. Is this a scam." We checked with the Watch Commander of Troop C, KHP, here in Salina, and he stated this is absolutely a scam. They do not have Troopers calling citizens direct for solicitations of this nature. In the past they had a company that would represent their group and make calls for such activities, but they do not do that anymore. If you suspect an LEO is calling for a direct solicitation, simply ask them for their name, badge number, and organization. Call that organization finding the number through an internet search. Call that organization and speak to a supervisor or the "officer" themselves, and see if it's legitimate. You may find out it is not. Thanks! Lt. Villanueva

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