Some Residents Left High & dry as Water Woes Persist at Sundowner West

Some Residents Left High & dry as Water Woes Persist at Sundowner West
Courtesy photo of water from Misty Livingston-Holmes faucet

Water issues persist in Sundowner West, located in northwest Saline County, with some residents still facing water shortages despite the recent lifting of a boil water advisory by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) on January 24.

Misty Livingston-Holmes, a long-time resident of Sundowner, reminisced about the community's past under the ownership of Frank Norton, who maintained "various amenities such as a pool, park, live music events, and an RV park. Nestler, the grounds manager during Norton's tenure, ensured the water quality remained high," Livingston-Holmes said.

However, she notes a decline in maintenance and amenities after Norton's ownership. She recalls the pool closure and KDHE's involvement due to water quality issues, which is now under the ownership of Scott Kolling.

Residents say they have observed a deterioration in water quality, with concerns escalating during the recent water supply disruption that began earlier this month. Livingston-Holmes says she "attempted to contact Kolling without success," prompting outreach to local authorities. Saline County Emergency Management responded by providing water and assistance, acknowledging the critical nature of the situation.

Despite KDHE lifting the boil water advisory, some families remain without running water as of the posting of this article.

Livingston-Holmes attributes the root cause to "negligence, and the impact on daily life and property damage continues."

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