Solar Symphony: Witnessing the Aurora in Kansas

Solar Symphony: Witnessing the Aurora in Kansas
Photo by Kyla Johnson 

A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) erupted from the surface of the sun, releasing billions of tons of charged particles into space. This solar phenomenon occurred on May 10 th, observed by many across the United States.

A CME is a powerful burst of solar wind that can have various effects on Earth's magnetosphere and ionosphere. Depending on the intensity and direction of the CME, it can cause geomagnetic storms, disrupt satellite communications, and even induce auroras in the polar regions.

Skywatchers in Salina, Kansas, where the northern lights are not typically visible had quite the show.

These photos, all taken in Salina, Kansas, on May 10th, serve as a testament to the rare occurrence of the northern lights in the region. 

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