SMS Drone Club Takes Off

SMS Drone Club Takes Off

Nineteen students are taking to the skies with the brand new South Middle School Drone Club. Kyle Krohmer, a science teacher, leads the club with the help of Jeffrey Vogt, social studies teacher, and Becky Holliday, roving teacher.

The students are learning about drones, fixing them, flying them and marketing them. “The careers associated with this are growing exponentially,” says Kyle. Students build technical skills and problem solving abilities - all while having fun.

Students meet once a week to practice using a simulator and then take turns piloting the drone around the classroom. Maintaining control of the drone and being aware of the battery levels are key to a pilot’s success.

The club is sponsored through K-State’s Uncrewed Aircraft Systems department in conjunction with the Drones in Schools Program. Drones in Schools is a national program that hosts competitions, provides supplies and a curriculum covering everything from the history of human flight to drone usage in the future.

Providing hands-on opportunities to make STEM fun and engaging, Drone Club is an excellent addition to the extracurricular activities at Salina Public Schools.

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