Smolan Township's 2024 Budget Deliberated During Tuesday's County Commission Meeting

Smolan Township's 2024 Budget Deliberated During Tuesday's County Commission Meeting

During the county commission meeting held on Tuesday, the adoption of the 2024 budget for Smolan Township was discussed. Just as counties do, townships go through the annual process of approving budgets to establish property tax rates and allocate funds for various expenditures. This responsibility usually falls on the township's governing body, typically composed of three officers. However, the challenge lies in the fact that Smolan Township currently lacks officers to fulfill this role, despite diligent efforts to identify and appoint volunteers through the County Commission.

State legislation provides a provision through which a township can formally request the transfer of its duties to the County Commission. In the case of Smolan Township, the absence of officers prevents the execution of this mechanism. Moreover, state law dictates that if a township remains without officers for an extended period surpassing two years, the County Commission holds the authority to merge the township into the jurisdiction of a neighboring one. While the County Commission is actively exploring this option, the process has not reached its conclusion yet.

Given the circumstances, the County Clerk's office has taken the initiative to prepare a budget for Smolan Township for the upcoming year, 2024. This marks the third consecutive year where the staff recommends the County Commission to adopt the proposed budget. The County Commission, essentially standing in for the non-existent governing body of the township, would endorse this budget.

A public hearing regarding this budget was duly announced in Salina311 on July 26, 2023, ensuring transparency and public engagement in the decision-making process.

In terms of financial implications, this action does not impact the overall county budget. Smolan Township, if the budget is approved, would be authorized to allocate funds amounting to $775 in the fiscal year 2024.

The motion for the budget adoption garnered a 4-0 approval, with Commissioner Shadwick not present.

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