Smoky Hill River Stories Wanted

Smoky Hill River Stories Wanted

The Friends of the River Foundation and the Smoky Hill Museum are collecting memories of the Smoky Hill River and its surroundings. These stories will not only help to inform guided historic river walks being developed by the Friends and Museum, but will also be a repository of knowledge and experience for future generations.

The path of the Smoky Hill River runs throughout our city, from south to north, flowing in from Indian Rock Park and around the YMCA, fairgrounds, and Oakdale Park. It borders downtown and Founders Park behind the theater, runs near the historic Dunbar School and Carver Center, and then out through Lakewood Park.

You're invited to share the stories you have and the memories you have made along the river and these surrounding areas. All stories are welcome, be they informational, fond, funny, troubling, or odd. If you have any old photos, share them too! There are three ways to share: 1) fill out a form online at, click the Share Your Story link on the main page, 2) pick up a story form to fill out at the Smoky Hill Museum, 211 W. Iron Ave., Tuesday-Friday 11 am-5 pm and Saturday 10 am-5 pm, or 3) write your story down and mail it to the Smoky Hill Museum. Please preface your written account with your name, phone number, email, today’s date, approximate date and location of your story, and how old you were at the time.

If you have any questions please contact Anne Hoekstra at the Friends of the River Foundation,, or Nona Miller at the Smoky Hill Museum,

Thank you for sharing your information, stories, and memories with future generations!

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