Experience Life Behind Bars at Slumber in the Slammer 2023

Experience Life Behind Bars at Slumber in the Slammer 2023

Mark your calendars for November 3, because an extraordinary opportunity awaits you at the new Saline County Jail. From 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, the doors of 800 E Pacific will open for an unforgettable event that allows you to step into the shoes of an inmate.

During the evening, you'll have the chance to partake in a range of captivating activities, including a unique dinner experience, a cell extraction demonstration, and a captivating presentation by the skilled SORT team. Dive deep into the world of law enforcement with an equipment demonstration and even spend a night behind bars before booking out in the morning.

This exclusive event isn't for insiders - it's open to the public, but spaces are limited to only 120 participants. Minors are welcome, but they must be accompanied by a parent of the same gender to attend.

To secure your spot, registration will be open from September 1 to October 1. You can obtain registration forms at the Saline County Sheriff's Office, conveniently located at 251 N 10th. The cost to participate is just $20, which includes a commemorative t-shirt, an inmate ID with a lanyard, a souvenir cup, and a special challenge coin.

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