Serious Injuries After 3-Vehicle Accident in Central Salina

Serious Injuries After 3-Vehicle Accident in Central Salina

On Saturday, September 23 at 7:10 pm, first responders were dispatched to the intersection of 9th and Crawford for a 3-vehicle accident.

A black 2005 Nissan, driven by 34-year-old Christopher Kilat, was westbound on Crawford. The driver reportedly failed to stop at a red light, drove through an intersection and hit a southbound vehicle being driven by a 42-year-old Salina female. That vehicle then veered to the west and struck an east-facing vehicle, stopped at the red light, driven by an 88-year-old Smolan man.

Kilat reportedly attempted to get away from officers, and raised his hands like he was going to strike an officer. They were able to get him into custody, and he was taken to SRHC for injuries. He was then arrested on the following requested charges:

  • Interference with law enforcement officer
  • Assault on law enforcement officer

The 42-year-old female was transported to SRHC for serious but non-life threatening injuries.

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