Saline County Approves Hazardous Materials Preparedness Grants

Saline County Approves Hazardous Materials Preparedness Grants

The Saline County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) received approval from the Board of County Commission for three Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant applications for fiscal year 2024. These grants, provided by the Department of Transportation, aim to bolster the county's ability to handle hazardous materials incidents effectively and safely.

The grants include funding for essential equipment and training programs. One aspect involves purchasing detector simulator probes and simulation systems to enhance safety training for personnel. These simulators replicate detector operations without real radiation sources, ensuring secure training environments.

Additionally, the grants aim to provide lithium battery training to prepare responders for various battery emergencies across different settings, including transportation and residential, commercial, and industrial areas. This training will equip responders with the necessary knowledge and skills to address battery-related hazards effectively.

Furthermore, the grants propose sending four technical level operators to the International Hazardous Materials Conference. This conference offers valuable insights into the latest information and hands-on training for handling hazardous material incidents, enabling responders to stay updated on industry practices and technologies.

The total grant funds requested amount to $50,665, with an 80/20 match requirement. These grants will significantly enhance Saline County's preparedness and response capabilities for hazardous materials incidents. The County Commission reviewed the applications and considered the staff's recommendation to authorize the chair's signature on the grant applications and approved the acceptance of grant funding in a 4-0 vote.

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