Saline County Secures Grant to Enhance Election Security

Saline County Secures Grant to Enhance Election Security

The Saline County Clerk's Office is poised to bolster the security measures surrounding the county's election processes with the aid of a recently awarded grant. Announced by the Secretary of State's office, the 2023 grant program, funded by federal HAVA security funds, aims to support improvements in election security across all 105 county election offices in Kansas.

Following a diligent application process, Saline County received official approval for the Election Physical Security Regulation Grant, totaling $130,945.00. These funds are earmarked for enhancements designed to fortify the physical security of election equipment, ballots, election offices, and staff. Notably, the grant will facilitate the implementation of electronic access control for secure rooms, introducing additional layers of security to safeguard crucial equipment and uphold the integrity of the election process.

Under the terms of the grant, the Secretary of State will provide reimbursement of up to 90% of allowable expenses, leaving Saline County responsible for covering the remaining 10%. This reimbursement match amounts to $117,850.50, with the county's share totaling $13,094.50.

The 4-0 decision to approve and accept the grant funds marks a significant step forward in fortifying the security and integrity of Saline County's elections. By leveraging external funding through this grant, the county can ensure compliance with administrative regulations while implementing vital security measures to safeguard the electoral process.

The County Clerk's Office emphasizes the importance of election security and recommends accepting the grant funds to assist in achieving regulatory compliance. With minimal budget impact, as initial costs will be covered by the county and subsequently reimbursed by the State, the grant represents a crucial opportunity to enhance the resilience of Saline County's electoral infrastructure.

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