Saline County Rural Fire District #1 Secures Vital Safety Equipment Approval

Saline County Rural Fire District #1 Secures Vital Safety Equipment Approval

In the latest County Commission Meeting on Tuesday, commissioners addressed a crucial request from Saline County Rural Fire District #1. The district sought approval for the acquisition of 20 SCBA air bottles from ED Feld Equipment at a cost of $30,142.80. This purchase aims to replace the existing bottles that have reached the end of their operational life.

The SCBA air bottles play a pivotal role in safeguarding firefighters from harmful smoke, toxic gases, and other hazardous substances encountered during firefighting operations, particularly in structure fires. Moreover, the acquisition ensures the fire district's compliance with modern safety standards and industry best practices.

To expedite this vital purchase, the fire district has requested an exception to the purchasing policy, citing the governmental contracts exception. Notably, the two vendors who provided quotes operate under governmental contract pricing and are the sole SCBA vendors in the region.

Following a staff recommendation, the commissioners were advised to opt for the more cost-effective option. Staff recommends procuring 20 SCBA air bottles from Ed Feld Equipment at a total cost of $30,1242.80.

In terms of budget impact, District 1 plans to allocate funds from its special equipment line item, which currently holds $216,773. The motion for approval received unanimous support with a 5-0 vote.

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