Saline County Approves New Budget Department for Facility Transitions

Saline County Approves New Budget Department for Facility Transitions

Saline County is poised for a period of transition in 2024, with significant changes underway in various county facilities. To navigate these shifts smoothly, the County Administration put forth a proposal to establish a new budget department within the county's financial framework.

Dubbed "Facility Planning & Maintenance," this department will consist of four sub-departments, each tasked with overseeing specific facilities. These include managing increased funding for utilities and facility costs at "the island" (229 N. 9th St), covering rental expenses for a space at 203 N. 10th St, and addressing unanticipated utility costs related to relocating the jail to 800 E. Pacific and repurposing the former Sheriff’s office space by Court Services, all funded by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Coronavirus Local Fiscal Relief Funds.

To guarantee the transition is effective, county staff requested approval from the County Commission for a budget amendment. This amendment passed in a 4-0 vote and will reallocate existing funds to the new department. The priority is to ensure all relevant expenses are accurately recorded and managed within the new framework. It will involve transferring already-processed payments and allocating new funds for upcoming expenses.

The County Commission had several options for action, including approving the budget adjustment as presented, directing staff to pay expenses from previously identified accounts, or exploring alternative approaches. The city staff strongly advocated for approving the budget adjustment to maintain clear and organized records of all facility transitions.

The adjustment will not immediately impact the budget. Any potential budget shortfalls in the new department will be offset by savings in other departments and transfers from ARPA funding.

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