Saline County offers free Cope Notes subscriptions

Saline County offers free Cope Notes subscriptions

Saline County is excited to continue its partnership with Cope Notes. The service now offers residents completely free access to its daily text messages of mental health support and positive psychology. This initiative is designed to combat stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts, reinforcing our commitment to the mental well-being of our community.

To sign up for Cope Notes, go to this link and enter code SALIKSx23P.

"We believe in the importance of mental health. We want to ensure our residents have access to the resources they need to stay healthy and thriving," said Saline County Health Officer Jason Tiller. "In my own personal experience with Cope Notes, I have found that the right messages seem to come at exactly the right time. It has been an uplifting experience for me, and I am thrilled we get to continue this service to our residents. "

For more information about Cope Notes please visit

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