Saline County Emergency Management launches Adopt A Siren Program

Saline County Emergency Management launches Adopt A Siren Program
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Natasha Cundy, Saline County Emergency Management Deputy Director, is excited to announce the launch of the Adopt A Siren Program, aimed at promoting community engagement and education about the area's outdoor warning siren system.

"We are excited about the Adopt A Siren Program," said Cundy. "We're asking community groups and volunteers who wish to expand their knowledge of severe weather preparedness to participate in our monthly testing. Groups will be dedicated to one siren within the community. They will have the opportunity to observe and track the effectiveness of their siren and share that information on their social network."

Participating as an adopter enhances public awareness of the layers of Saline County's warning systems and preparedness efforts. Adopters will undergo a brief training to learn about the proper functioning of an outdoor warning siren and how to share that information on social media. Adopters are not required to be present at every test of their siren.

By participating in the Adopt A Siren Program, citizens can play a critical role in safeguarding community members against severe weather incidents.

For more information about the Adopt a Siren Program and to become an adopter, please visit the Adopt A Siren Program page.

The outdoor warning sirens are tested on the first Monday of every month at 4 PM, weather permitting. These sirens are intended to be heard outdoors and are just one of the layers of warning systems in place to receive weather alerts.

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