Saline County Commission Approves Assistant Attorney Hiring Incentives

Saline County Commission Approves Assistant Attorney Hiring Incentives

In response to persistent challenges in filling the Assistant Attorney position, Saline County's Human Resources Department has put forth a comprehensive proposal to the County Commission.

With three vacancies in the department, one lingering since March 2023 and two newly approved for 2024, the county seeks to address the staffing gap. The proposed solution involves authorizing a hiring incentive of $10,000, disbursed in two installments—$5,000 upon the first paycheck and an additional $5,000 at the 6-month mark.

To mitigate risks, the proposal outlines that employees voluntarily departing within the first 12 months would be required to repay the incentives received. Additionally, as a contingency plan, the county is considering engaging the services of a specialized placement firm, estimating a cost of 25% of the first-year salary or roughly $20,000 to $25,000.

The Human Resources Department recommends approving the request as presented, emphasizing its alignment with the 2024 budget salary dollars due to existing vacancies. The County Commission deliberated on the proposal at the meeting on January 23, 2024, at 9:00 AM. They approved the incentives with a 4-1 vote as the best course of action to address the Assistant Attorney shortage.

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