Saline County Commission Approves Road Vacation Request

Saline County Commission Approves Road Vacation Request

During the County Commission meeting held on March 26, 2024, the Road and Bridge Department presented a request for action regarding the vacation of portions of Mattson Road and Farrelly Road.

The petitioner, Tod Roberg, representing American Sand & Gravel, filed a Road Vacation Application seeking to vacate sections of Mattson Road and Farrelly Road. The petition was filed on behalf of the property owner who owns land on both sides of Mattson Road.

Certified mail was sent to adjacent landowners, and notices were mailed to homeowners along Mattson Road and AT&T, which has a phone line utilizing the existing right-of-way. The vacation must reserve all rights-of-ways and easements for any utilities currently in the vacated road petition.

Upon approval of the road vacation, the right-of-way will revert to the adjacent property owners, and Saline County Road and Bridge will be relieved of any responsibility for road maintenance. The resolution, if approved, will be filed with the County Clerk and the Register of Deeds office.

The County Commission unanimously adopted the resolution to vacate portions of Mattson Road and Farrelly Road, following the recommendation of the Road and Bridge Department. This decision will eliminate future road maintenance costs for the county.

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