Saline County Commission Approves Bid for 2024 Crack Sealing Project

Saline County Commission Approves Bid for 2024 Crack Sealing Project

During the County Commission meeting held on March 26, 2024, the Road and Bridge Department presented a request for action regarding the awarding of the bid for Bituminous Crack Sealing for the year 2024.

Sealed bids were opened on March 11, 2024, and Pavement Pro’s LLC submitted the only bid received. The bid was evaluated, and the Road and Bridge Department recommended accepting Pavement Pro’s LLC bid for the estimated work totaling $130,480.00.

The project involves crack sealing on roads categorized into Priority 1 and Priority 2, with Priority 1 roads needing completion by August 5, 2024, and Priority 2 roads by December 9, 2024. Work will not be allowed during wheat harvest.

The County Commission unanimously approved the bid from Pavement Pro’s LLC. The funds for the project will be allocated from account Contractual Asphalt Work, which currently has a balance of $2,800,000. This account also covers other contractual work such as HMA overlay, chip seal, and aggregate shouldering work.

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