Saline Co. Sheriff Deputies Recognized with Commendations

Saline Co. Sheriff Deputies Recognized with Commendations
Pictured from left to right - Lieutenant Scott Anderson, Deputy Trenton Shaft, Deputy Brandon Mosher and Sheriff Roger Soldan.

On July 23rd, 2023, Deputies Brandon Mosher and Trenton Shaft were sent to a house fire near Mentor, Kansas. Upon arrival they found the occupants on the roof of the burning house after they escaped through a window.

Deputy Mosher pushed a disabled vehicle up against the house and placed a ladder on the hood of the vehicle to access the roof. Deputy Mosher was able to move one of the owners towards the ladder where Deputy Shaft and Rural Fire Fighters were able to escort the victims to safety.

Deputies Mosher and Shaft placed themselves in danger to ensure both occupants were able to escape the fire. The Saline County Sheriff’s Office is proud to acknowledge these deputies for their lifesaving actions.

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