City Commission - Strategic Fire Equipment Investment

City Commission - Strategic Fire Equipment Investment
Photo by Jarah Cooper

In response to decades of disjointed purchasing practices, the Salina City Commission has embarked on a structured fire apparatus replacement plan, recognizing the need to address challenges in fleet maintenance, age, and scheduling. Collaborating with the Fire Department, the City Manager's Office, and the Finance Department, an objective assessment based on NFPA 1901 standards and ISO criteria identified priorities, revealing the imperative to replace aging units for operational effectiveness and safety.

This initiative marks the commencement of a multi-decade apparatus plan, a strategic milestone aimed at bolstering the efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of Salina's emergency response services. By equipping emergency services with cutting-edge technology and capabilities, the plan seeks to enhance response times and operational efficiency, ensuring preparedness for current and future needs. Moreover, meticulous financial planning and resource allocation over multiple decades underpin the initiative, securing a resilient and responsive emergency service for years to come.

In consideration of financing options, city staff advocated for leveraging the General Fund balance to prepay the contracted amount upon signing, with reimbursement through General Obligation Bonds in the summer of 2024. The annual debt service payments will be sustained by Sales Tax reserves allocated in the Sales Tax Capital Fund, ensuring fiscal prudence in the implementation of this critical infrastructure investment.

City Commissioners passed the proposal in a 5-0 vote.

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