Salina311 Newspaper Expanding: More Local Content, Sports, & The New Sunday Paper

Salina311 Newspaper Expanding: More Local Content, Sports, & The New Sunday Paper
Photo by Bank Phrom / Unsplash

When we started printing the Salina311 Newspaper in October of 2021, we knew that printing once per week was necessary, but we hoped to eventually print multiple times each week.

It took time and a lot of logistics, but the day is here. This week, we are launching the new Salina311 Sunday Paper.

The Sunday Paper will be in addition to our mid-week paper, which will move to Wednesday delivery. The mid-week paper will remain largely the same. Still the same Saline County-only stories, great pictures, doorstep delivery, with more timely content.

With the once-per-week paper, many of the stories we wanted to print were old news by the time we could print them, so the addition of the Sunday paper enables us to print more local stories in a more timely manner.

The Sunday Paper will be a more extensive newspaper. It will have more pages with new content, more local stories, and more photos. We have increased our staff to accommodate the expansion, and we continue to welcome community members who want to write/report on local topics (we pay all contributors in case you are interested).

(Our goal remains to bring back a daily paper. Depending on the response to the twice-per-week papers, we will explore a daily newspaper later in 2023).

More Local Sports - All-County Team Awards

Local sports is one of our weak spots at Salina311. While we've had local sports photo galleries, we know that our coverage is simply not good enough.

Along with the addition of the new Sunday paper, we'll be expanding our sports coverage with live scores, interviews, and more.

In line with our increased sports coverage, we will launch the new All-County Team Awards for Saline County high school sports. The Winter All-County Awards will be announced with a special edition newspaper at the end of the Winter Sports Season, including a photo shoot of all the winners.

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If you have an existing subscription and you want to add the Sunday paper or switch to the Sunday paper, our new white-glove support team will take care of it for you! Simply email us at:

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