Salina311's New Initiatives For Start-ups & Local Businesses in Salina

Salina311's New Initiatives For Start-ups & Local Businesses in Salina
Photo by Andrew Draper / Unsplash

Over the past year, here at Salina311 we've seen our subscriber base grow by ~95% and our revenue increase by 108%. It was a significant year for us, and we're grateful for the support from the Salina community.

When we started 311 the idea was to focus on the stories and information within Saline County. In doing so, we wanted to create a flywheel effect: Connect community members, keep the revenue local, then put the resources back to work in the community – then repeat.

In 2024, we're putting our growth in resources back to work in the community.


If you have plans for starting a business this year in Salina we have good news for you.

  1. We've established a pool of investors, including Angel Investors and Venture Capital firms, who are interested in supporting promising new businesses in our community. If your start-up is looking for funding, this could be a valuable opportunity to get the financial boost you need.
  2. We've also established a panel of experts, each with decades of experience in starting and growing businesses. This Advisory Board will offer their expertise for FREE to local businesses (headquartered in Saline County). Whether it's strategic advice, technological assistance, or sales guidance, these seasoned professionals are here to help. [Registration below]

Locally-Owned Businesses

With our local subscriber base surpassing 24,000, our aim is to ease some of the pressures small businesses face with marketing.

All locally-owned business will now receive:

  • 1 Free Photo Gallery Story (online & print)
  • 10 Free Job Listings in the Salina311 Morning Briefing.
  • 10 Free Event Announcements in the Salina311 Morning Briefing.
  • 2 Free Newspaper Ads each year in the Salina311 Print Newspaper.

*Some restrictions apply.

To take part in either of these initiatives, we ask that you register through the form below. It's a simple process, designed to make these benefits easily accessible to you.

We hope these initiatives are a small but meaningful way to support the local businesses that contribute so much to Salina.

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