Salina Public Library Installs New Book Drop in North Salina

Salina Public Library Installs New Book Drop in North Salina

Salina Public Library has installed a new book drop at the OCCK Bus Stop on 9th Street and Hamilton Ave. The book drop intersects both the Green and Blue OCCK bus routes. 

Leadership Salina played an important role in the acquisition of the new book drop. As part of a team project, Leadership Salina’s Blue Group took the initiative to apply for a grant and partner with local organizations to enhance library accessibility, improve literacy, and help build community engagement with the residents of North Salina through a Salina Public Library book drop.

“We knew we wanted to find a way to serve the north end of Salina. It was very apparent to our group that there was a need to increase access to resources in this area with much of our group working near downtown. When we discovered that the library was looking for a way to accomplish the same thing, our project became clear. We believe that we can further the Salina Public Library’s mission of connecting people to information, learning, and culture with this new book drop,” said Tanner Colvin. 

“Our main goal with this project was to remove potential barriers from the residents of North Salina so they can better access our public library. We hope to see an increase in both books returned and use of the library’s free resources and materials,” said Kirsty Hartley. 

The Leadership Salina Team had the help of the Greater Salina Community Foundation’s 2023 Leadership Salina Grant, OCCK who covered the cost of materials and installation of the concrete slab the book drop now sits on, and the Salina Public Library who provided the remainder of the funds and staff to install and maintain the book drop.

 “We’re grateful to our community partners for helping the library fulfill its mission,” said Melanie Hedgespeth, Director of Salina Public Library. “Books, movies and games have the power to improve our lives through the knowledge they share and the stories they tell. Making the return process easier helps to ensure continued access for the community.”

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