Salina Prepares for Development: Utility and Drainage Easements for Dry Creek Addition in South Salina

Salina Prepares for Development: Utility and Drainage Easements for Dry Creek Addition in South Salina

A significant step forward in the development of the Dry Creek Addition was taken as Salina City Commissioners passed the acceptance of utility and drainage easement dedications from Salina Destination Development, LLC. The proposed subdivision, situated on an 11.2-acre tract of land on the west side of Virginia Drive south of West Magnolia Road, is poised to bring much-needed housing options to the area.

The project's history traces back to the ownership of ComCo of Kansas, Inc., formerly belonging to the Marietta family. Over time, various parcels of land were sold to different developers, with Salina Destination Development, LLC acquiring a substantial strip of land earmarked for multi-family housing.

After meticulous planning and deliberation, the preliminary plat application for the Dry Creek Addition received approval from the Salina City Planning Commission and subsequent endorsement from the City Commission. This paved the way for annexation, zoning changes, and land use amendments necessary for the project's progression.

The proposed final plat of the Dry Creek Addition, specifically Lot 1, Block 1, is set to accommodate a 250-unit apartment complex. Access to the development area will primarily be from Virginia Drive, with provisions made for emergency access as per city regulations.

The subdivision design adheres to city regulations, ensuring adequate street access and infrastructure provisions. While Magnolia Road does not currently meet city standards, plans for its upgrade are included in the 2024 Capital Improvement Program.

The project entails comprehensive utility and drainage plans to support the proposed development. Public water and sewer lines, stormwater management systems, and underground utilities are among the infrastructure improvements outlined.

The approval of utility and drainage easement dedications marks a milestone in the project's progress, bringing it closer to fruition. With careful planning and adherence to city regulations, the Dry Creek Addition promises to address the growing demand for housing in Salina while contributing to the city's overall development.

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