Salina Native Ed Harlowe Nears Dream of Bringing Major Motion Picture to Hometown

Salina Native Ed Harlowe Nears Dream of Bringing Major Motion Picture to Hometown

The dream of celebrated screenwriter Ed Harlowe to film a major motion picture in his hometown of Salina, Kansas, is rapidly becoming a reality. Harlowe's multifaceted career in the entertainment industry has brought him to this exciting juncture. Born in South Bend, Indiana, Harlowe's journey has led him from Salina South High School to the prestigious University of Southern California, where he honed his craft in Film and TV while also showcasing his acting talent in five short films.

With an impressive repertoire of 14 screenwriting credits to his name, one of his notable achievements includes scripting an episode for the iconic TV series "Miami Vice," whose star, Philip Michael Thomas, was represented by Harlowe's agent. Moreover, Harlowe's creative prowess extends to directing and producing five video segments for The Crisis Hotline in Salina.

Beyond his work in film, Harlowe has a rich background in radio, serving as a DJ for high school dances and clubs across Kansas, and announcing for various radio stations in Salina, including KINA, KSKG, KY94, and KSAL. He even ventured into Las Vegas, briefly assuming the role of a guest DJ at renowned clubs like Dirty Sally's and Tiffany's - the Jockey Club.

Harlowe's extensive experience within the entertainment industry encompasses working on film sets for productions such as "Up the Academy," "Cross of Fire," and "The Parade" for CBS. He also owned Camelot recording studio services, catering to conventions and lectures.

Harlowe's latest venture, tentatively titled "Fred," is set to be filmed in Salina. The heart of the story revolves around a poignant question: What becomes of the class clown when the world has moved on and forgotten him? The script's standout features include its well-drawn characters, their unique humor, and an abundance of memorable one-liners. The narrative takes a compelling turn when Fred, recovering from a heart attack in a nursing home, encounters the love of his life, Mary, which becomes the story's emotional focal point. "Fred" brilliantly portrays the trials and tribulations people face in the twilight years of their lives. The character of Fred is vividly brought to life with his distinctive voice, mannerisms, and reactions, making him a character both clear and captivating.

Filming in Salina will hopefully commence in the spring of 2024, utilizing various locations, such as a retirement home, cell phone store, golf course, grocery store in Abilene, a restaurant, physical therapy office, and a local park, to name just a few. Harlowe has his sights set on Ted Danson, famous for his role in "Cheers," to play the lead character. Primary actors will be selected in Los Angeles, California, with numerous extra roles available for both children and adults, and even a dog, some potentially having minor speaking parts.

Ed Harlowe's tireless efforts have played a significant role in bringing the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to Salina, Kansas. One key ally in this endeavor is Shedrack Anderson, a multi-talented actor, dancer, singer, entrepreneur, and writer/director, known for his role as a Lost Boy in the 1990s film "Hook." Harlowe and Anderson's paths crossed nearly two decades ago while on filming assignments in Hollywood. Anderson is set to arrive in Salina in November to kick off pre-production activities.

The filming of a major motion picture in Salina is poised to shine a spotlight on this charming small town. This project marks the first of many films Harlowe envisions being created against the backdrop of Salina. Behind the scenes, Harlowe continues to secure filming locations and manage the myriad factors that must align to bring a film to fruition. While he acknowledges the ever-changing nature of Hollywood, Harlowe anticipates that the filming of "Fred" will commence in the upcoming months.

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