Revised Tipping Fees at Salina Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

Effective January 1, 2024, the City of Salina is introducing a revamped tipping fee system at the landfill. Brent Curtis, E3 Coordinator, reveals that a single pricing tier will be in place for secured loads, while unsecured loads will incur double the charges. For loads weighing up to 500 lbs and adequately secured, the minimum fee is $11.50. Conversely, unsecured loads will be subject to a $23 fee. Standard rates of $46 for secured loads and $92 for unsecured loads will apply.

The primary objective behind this initiative is to curb littering on County roads. The collaborative effort involves both the City and County. Brent Curtis emphasizes the routine efforts of Landfill and County staff in clearing trash along the landfill route multiple times a week. The new fee structure aims to motivate individuals to properly secure their loads.

To achieve this, Brent recommends tarping lighter items and securely tying down heavier ones. In addition, placing heavy items on top of lighter ones is also considered a secure practice. Landfill staff will assess each arriving load. While yard waste continues to be accepted for free, it must be appropriately secured. Unsecured yard waste will incur an $11.50 fee.

Crucially, this policy extends beyond residential customers to include commercial customers as well. For inquiries, individuals can contact the Landfill at 785-826-7395 or reach out to Brent Curtis at 785-309-5750. It's essential to note that securing all loads for transport is not just a landfill policy but also mandated by Kansas state law.

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