Salina Fire Department Urges Vigilance Amidst Recent Spike in Residential Fires

Salina Fire Department Urges Vigilance Amidst Recent Spike in Residential Fires
Salina Fire Department Facebook Page

In a recent interview, Chief Tony Sneidar provided insight into the alarming trend of residential fires plaguing Salina. According to Chief Sneidar, a total of 15 residential fires have occurred since January 10th, with the majority attributed to normal causes. However, four of these incidents raise suspicions and contain certain similarities, although Chief Sneidar cautions against speculation given the numerous variables involved. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported thus far, despite most fires erupting between the hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Chief Sneidar highlighted the importance of community assistance in addressing this issue, emphasizing Salina's reputation for solidarity and resilience. He urged residents to refer to the provided media release for tips on fire prevention and reporting suspicious activities.

In response to inquiries, the Salina Police Department confirmed that no open cases regarding these fires are currently under investigation. This clarification stems from the fire department's jurisdiction over determining fire causation, with ongoing investigations conducted in collaboration with law enforcement.

Media Release:

The Salina Fire and Police Departments are calling on the community for vigilance and assistance. To date, there have been 15 structure fires in Salina this year, some of which have been classified as suspicious. The Salina Fire Department emphasizes the importance of community engagement in preventing further incidents and staying safe.

Key Information and Reporting Guidelines:

  • Immediate Danger: Call 9-1-1 for any immediate threats, suspicious persons, or signs of smoke or fire.
  • Crime Stoppers Tip Hotline:785-826-7210. No piece of information is too small.
  • Stay Vigilant: Residents are asked to remain alert to suspicious activities or behaviors and immediately report them to authorities. The Salina Fire and Police Departments are key contacts for reporting. Remember, "If you see something, say something. SFD Inspections Office785-826-7340

Fire Prevention Tips:

  • The community is urged to follow specific fire prevention measures, including securing homes, removing flammable items from accessible areas and maintaining clear and well-lit surroundings. For a comprehensive list of safety tips, visit
  • Emergency Preparedness: Ensuring smoke alarms are working, planning escape routes, and educating all household members on fire safety are critical steps in emergency preparedness.
  • Collaborative Effort: The ongoing investigation involves the Salina Fire and Police Departments and Increased patrols and investigative resources are actively being deployed.
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