City of Salina Fire Department is Awarded International Reaccreditation Status

City of Salina Fire Department is Awarded International Reaccreditation Status

Update from Chief Sneidar

The Salina Fire Department in Salina, Kansas, has received Reaccredited Agency status with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) for meeting the criteria established through the CFAI’s voluntary self-assessment and accreditation program. The Salina Fire Department is one of more than 300 agencies to achieve Internationally Accredited agency status with the CFAI and the Center for Public Safety Excellence, Inc. (CPSE)

The Salina Fire Department is one of a handful of agencies in Kansas with Accredited Agency Status. CFAI is dedicated to assisting fire and emergency service agencies worldwide in achieving excellence through self-assessment and accreditation to provide continuous quality improvement and enhance service delivery to their communities. The CFAI process provides an agency with an improvement model to assess its service delivery and performance internally. Then, it works with a team of peers from other agencies to verify and validate their completed self-assessment. The Salina Fire Department's Reaccredited Agency status demonstrates our commitment to providing our community with the highest quality of service. We have also been able to use the Commission on Fire Accreditation International’s process as a proactive mechanism to plan for the future of this agency and locate areas where we can improve the quality of the services we provide.

Our successful reaccreditation process is a testament to the collaborative spirit and mutual support that characterizes Salina's approach to excellence and improvement. The invaluable support from other city agencies was a cornerstone of our success, demonstrating a collective commitment to upholding the highest standards. Equally crucial was the unwavering support from the city manager’s office, whose leadership and endorsement of the process were instrumental in navigating the complexities of accreditation. This synergy not only propelled us towards our goal but also reinforced the foundation of interagency cooperation and leadership support that is vital for achieving such significant milestones.

ORIGINAL: The Salina Fire Department's accreditation team took center stage this week as they presented before the Commission on Fire Accreditation International for their reaccreditation hearing. This marks the department's third accreditation cycle, maintaining a proud record of accreditation for a decade.

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