Salina Drug Task Force: Back in Action

Salina Drug Task Force: Back in Action
Photo - Salina Police Department Website

The Salina Police Department's I-70/I-135 Drug Task Force, officially reassembled in October 2023; once again operational after an 18-month hiatus due to manpower constraints. Comprised of two detectives and one supervisor, all previously experienced members, the task force operates on a full-time basis within the Salina Police Department.

Originally established on July 1st, 1997, the task force focuses on combating drug trafficking and related crimes in the area. While currently comprised solely of SPD officers, the task force has a history of collaboration with other law enforcement agencies.

Although no specific goals have been articulated to the public, the reformation of the task force signals the department's commitment to addressing drug-related issues and maintaining public safety in Salina.

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