Salina Catholic Schools Announces Hire of Director & Assistant Director for Love N’ Learn Early Childhood Center

Salina Catholic Schools Announces Hire of Director & Assistant Director for Love N’ Learn Early Childhood Center

Love N’ Learn Early Childhood Center (LNL), located on the Salina Catholic Schools campus has been a leader in Saline County child care services for over 30 years and is pleased to announce the hiring of Jessica Jacobs as new LNL Director. We also welcome Melissa Smith as Interim Director.

With the renovation of LNL beginning in January, applications are now open for the opening of the center in August 2024.

Jessica has spent the majority of her teaching career at St. Mary’s Grade School, having taught fourth grade, second grade, and kindergarten. She has also worked with children during their early childhood years while employed as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher/Family Service Coordinator, at Infant Child Development.

“I am incredibly honored to take on the role of Director for LNL. We have a long history of providing high quality child care, creating a strong foundation forchildren of Salina Catholic Schools. I look forward to upholding and honoring the current program and traditions, while working with Melissa and Olinda to usher in ideas for growth alongside the anticipated renovations.”

LNL will launch a new era of child care on our campus in August as we expand our programming to infant care in an updated, modern facility. The facility renovation will allow our team to help address the child care deficit in our area. This allows families a unique opportunity to have consistent care for their children throughout their early years.

Melissa’s career in Early Childhood began in the LNL building nearly 15 years ago. She has most recently been an educator in the Preschool classrooms at St. Mary’s Grade School. Her familiarity with the traditions and values of the campus will aid her smooth transition back into the LNL facility.

“The fantastic support from my mom, Olinda Power, has built my confidence and support for my decision in seeking out this position. I look forward to the support of working with the current Early Childhood Educators in the LNL building. I believe with this move we will be able to form ample opportunities for growth in our community, plus opportunities for growth with our families. I cannot wait for the chance to work with the staff, and Jessica on this exciting journey for our school and community!”

Melissa and her husband, Scott, have 3 children. Haden, who lives in Salina, Cali, a fourth grader at St. Mary’s Grade School, and Cru, a second grader at St. Mary’s Grade School.

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