Salina Animal Services Advisory Board: Live Outcome Rate for 2023 Released & Shelter Updates

Salina Animal Services Advisory Board: Live Outcome Rate for 2023 Released & Shelter Updates

In 2023, the animal shelter achieved a 93% live outcome rate. To enhance transparency, shelter statistics are now regularly shared with Salina 311 on a weekly basis. However, the shelter faces challenges with decreased intake numbers due to the temporary inability to accept surrenders and a decline in adoptions attributable to a limited inventory of adoptable animals.

City Commission members recently conducted a tour of the shelter facilities, albeit excluding the court hold room due to logistical reasons.

In terms of ongoing initiatives, efforts are underway to address the lapse in the foster keeper program, with consideration given to alternative integrated systems like Chameleon, despite its higher cost. This system offers improved usability and provides timely updates on animal needs as they arise.

While plans for shelter improvements, such as painting projects, are pending, progress has been delayed due to competing priorities. Additionally, the impending kitten season underscores the urgent need for foster caregivers, although current foster numbers are lower than desired. To prepare for fostering, the shelter has begun microchipping cats before placement, prioritizing the welfare of kittens by avoiding microchipping those that are too small.

Currently, there are ten adult cats under the shelter's care, including those in foster homes. However, the shelter may face challenges in accommodating additional animals if foster capacity remains limited, potentially leading to the rejection of foster animals due to capacity constraints.

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