Salina Animal Shelter at Capacity

Salina Animal Shelter at Capacity
Photo by Andrew S / Unsplash

From the City of Salina Animal Shelter:

The City of Salina Animal Shelter wants to make the public aware of its current occupancy status. The shelter has 32 kennels, and 7 temporary kennels available for adoptable dogs. All of these kennels are currently occupied as of noon, Tuesday, January 2, 2024. Due to this, we are currently unable to accept any stray or surrendered dogs.

We currently have 40 dogs housed within those 39 kennels. Caring for dogs at and above capacity takes a greater effort to maintain the animal's welfare, both physically and mentally.

These issued can lead to dogs being brought back to the shelter, which can create a cycle that can lead to further behavioral issues.

We would like to emphasize the dire need for adoptions, and for those who adopt to ensure they are making the right decision, and are willing to commit to any challenges as they come.

We are asking the public for their patience while we are at full capacity. We ask that people be open to the opportunity to keep found dogs for a period of time while we are unable to take them, but only if they feel safe doing so. If you choose to assist, you can provide the shelter with a picture and area where the dog was found, so that information can be posted to the shelter website and/or our FB page. We understand that is not a possibility for every individual, but any assistance at this time would be greatly appreciated.

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