Retirement Announcement: Captain Paul Forrester

Retirement Announcement: Captain Paul Forrester

The Salina Police Department would like to recognize the upcoming retirement of Captain Paul Forrester on June 19th, 2023, after 30 years of service to the City of Salina, the Salina Police Department, and the Salina Community.

Captain Forrester started his career with the Salina Police Department in 1993. Between 1993 and 2004, he served as a patrol officer, bicycle officer, master police officer, and detective in the Criminal Investigations Unit. Then in 2004, he was promoted to Lieutenant and served as a patrol supervisor.

He served in this capacity supervising the night shift for nine and a half years.

In 2014, he was transferred to the Internal Affairs Unit, the Department Recruiting and Hiring Unit, and served as the Department Accreditation Manager.

In 2015, Captain Forrester was promoted to Captain, where he assumed the role of the Detective Division Commander overseeing the Criminal Investigations Unit, the Drug Task Force and the Evidence Unit and served as the SWAT Team Commander for three years.

In 2019, he took over as the Support Division Commander overseeing the Emergency Communications Center and the Records Unit.

Captain Paul Forrester has demonstrated dedication to the community and the department during his time with the City of Salina.

Chief C.J. Wise would like to thank Captain Forrester for his time and service to the City, the department, and the citizens of Salina.

There will be a retirement reception for Captain Forrester on June 16th, 2023, starting at 2 pm at the Tony’s Pizza Event Center, 800 The Midway, Salina, Kansas. This reception is open to the public.

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