Red Fern Booksellers Met With Warm Reception In Opening Week

Red Fern Booksellers Met With Warm Reception In Opening Week
Harley Hamilton is the owner of Red Fern Booksellers, located at 106 S. Santa Fe, in downtown Salina. (Photo by Diane Dowell)
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Salina has recently welcomed a new addition to its vibrant community—a locally owned bookstore named The Red Fern Booksellers and Salina311 attended their opening. Owned and operated by Harley Hamilton, this charming bookstore is quickly becoming a cherished destination, capturing the hearts of both locals and visitors alike.

Hamilton's decision to establish Red Fern Booksellers is fueled by his deep admiration for the unique qualities inherent in independent bookstores. Recognizing that these establishments offer more than just an extensive selection of books, Hamilton sees them as reflections of their owners, employees, and the community members who frequent them. He firmly believes that bookstores play a pivotal role in fostering connections, nurturing a love for reading, and cultivating empathy—a belief that propels him to create a literary haven in Salina.

Motivated by the recent revitalization of Salina's downtown area, Hamilton identified a golden opportunity to bring the magic of a bookstore to his community. No longer would locals have to endure the inconvenience of traveling to larger cities like Wichita or Lawrence to indulge their literary passions. With Red Fern Booksellers, Salina would finally have a place to call its own—a gathering spot for book clubs, book signings, author talks, poetry readings, and enchanting children's story-times.

The reception of Red Fern Booksellers by Salinans surpassed all expectations, as their warm embrace of the bookstore validated Hamilton's vision. It is swiftly becoming a beloved meeting spot, attracting book enthusiasts of all ages and catering to a wide range of interests with its carefully curated collection of books.

However, Red Fern Bookseller’s impact extends far beyond its role as a sanctuary for bibliophiles. It is becoming a catalyst for the town's cultural growth, and it will provide a platform for local authors to showcase their work and serve as a wellspring of inspiration for aspiring writers. Salina's vibrant arts community has a newfound space within Red Fern Booksellers, enhancing the town's creative spirit and fostering a sense of unity among its residents.

The successful launch of Red Fern Booksellers can be attributed not only to the power of books but also to Hamilton's unwavering dedication. His commitment to curating a diverse selection of titles ensured that there was something for everyone, and his exceptional customer service shines through in the bookstore's willingness to order specific titles for customers upon request.

Furthermore, Red Fern Booksellers goes above and beyond the traditional bookstore experience. In addition to books, it offers a delightful array of responsibly sourced artisanal goods—gift wrap, ribbon, stationery, greeting cards, candles, puzzles, and art—each carefully selected to enhance the shopping experience. Notably, the majority of the featured artisans are women-owned and/or minority-owned small businesses from across the United States, showcasing Red Fern Bookseller’s commitment to promoting diversity and empowerment within the business community.

Red Fern Bookseller’s operating hours are initially set from 10 am to 6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. On nights when performances take place at the esteemed Stiefel Theatre, the bookstore extends its hours until 8 pm, allowing theater-goers to indulge in their literary passions before or after the show. Furthermore, on First Fridays—an eagerly anticipated event in the community—Red Fern Booksellers aims to remain open until 8 or possibly even 9 pm, granting visitors the freedom to explore the store at their leisure.

With its wide-ranging selection of books, personalized ordering services, and thoughtfully curated artisanal goods, Red Fern Booksellers has swiftly become a treasured haven for the community of Salina. Through its unwavering dedication to supporting small businesses and promoting inclusivity, the bookstore has fostered a love for reading, sparked creativity, and encouraged cultural exploration among its patrons. As generations of readers continue to embark on literary journeys and find solace within the written word, Red Fern Booksellers stands as a testament to Hamilton's unyielding belief in the power of books and the profound impact they have on a community.

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