NEW: Get Paid To Publish Content On Salina311 & The Salina311 Newspaper

NEW: Get Paid To Publish Content On Salina311 & The Salina311 Newspaper
Photo by Tech Daily / Unsplash

Salina311 has grown an additional 67% in the last 90 days. We now reach 21,714 subscribers. While we expected to continue growing, we're growing faster than we expected. Thank you for supporting us!

While we're excited about our growth, we can also acknowledge that we're still missing a lot of stories and information. The truth is that there's no way to cover every important story. We'll always miss things.

But, we can do better and in order to do so we're going to open up publishing on Salina311 and the Salina311 Newspaper by including more community members.

We currently have 9 community members publishing with us and earning from $25-500/article (depends on the topic).

We are open to all kinds of different content. The only restrictions are that you must reside in Saline County and the content should be interesting on a local level.

If you'd like to create local content (writing, photography, video, etc) please register with us below and then we'll explain the next steps:

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