"Police Respond to Domestic Incident: Charges Filed After Reckless Truck Ride"

"Police Respond to Domestic Incident: Charges Filed After Reckless Truck Ride"
Jeremiah Herwig - Saline County Booking

Police responded to a chaotic scene on April 24th at 10:30 pm in the 300 block of East Iron Avenue, where a domestic dispute unfolded in a moving vehicle. The driver of a black truck was driving recklessly on the sidewalk, with a distressed female passenger attempting to escape.

Upon locating the vehicle in the 1100 block of East Iron, officers intervened and separated the occupants, later identified as Jeremiah Herwig, 43, and a 33-year-old female. The woman alleged that Herwig had prevented her from leaving the vehicle, throwing water at her and accelerating whenever she tried to exit. At one point, she fell out of the truck and, out of fear of being run over, re-entered.

After officers determined the suspect would be arrested, they gave him orders to exit the vehicle. Herwig resisted arrest, allegedly striking an officer before being subdued with a taser. Requested charges include aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, domestic battery, assault on a law enforcement officer, and felony obstruction.

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