Police Investigating Alleged Knife Threat Incident Downtown

Police Investigating Alleged Knife Threat Incident Downtown

On Tuesday, June 20th, a Salina resident was allegedly threatened with a knife by an unknown suspect in downtown Salina. A police report has been filed and the Salina Police Department is investigating.

The individual involved, Boone Cumberland, spoke with Salina311 regarding the incident. Cumberland is the owner of WBC Visions and had a photo shoot downtown. The incident allegedly took place as Cumberland was entering his vehicle.

The Salina Police Department released the following statement:

The Salina Police Department was recently made aware of information circulating on social media regarding an incident that occurred in downtown Salina. On Tuesday, June 20th, 2023 a Salina resident was threatened with a knife by an unknown suspect while entering their vehicle. Although the incident occurred two days ago, the information was reported to Salina Police earlier today. Detectives are currently investigating the report, to include reviewing video surveillance. Anyone with additional information on this event is asked to contact the Salina Police Department Detective Division. If you are a victim or witness to a crime please contact the Police Department when the crime occurs or as soon as possible. Β This will assist in the solvability of the crime.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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