Pavement Sealing Work Continues

Pavement Sealing Work Continues

During the week of March 18th through 22nd, Circle C Paving & Construction of Goddard, Kansas will continue work on the City of Salina’s annual pavement crack sealing project by sealing cracks on the following streets, weather permitting.

Armory behind Atwoods
Beechwood south of Northwood
Brookwood west of Beechwood and east of Georgetown
Georgetown south of Village and north of Brookwood
Northwood west of Beechwood and east of Fairdale
Pheasant west of Fairdale and east of Georgetown
Pheasant Circle
Phillips, Crawford to Prescott
South west of Broadway
Village west of Fairdale and east of Georgetown

The work will take place generally between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Access to properties within work zones will be maintained at all times. “Road Work Ahead” signs will be placed in advance of work zones, and temporary single-lane closures are to be expected. Motorists are asked to proceed with caution when approaching work zones for the safety of the crews performing the work.

The annual crack and joint sealing program is an important and cost-effective preventive maintenance component of the City of Salina’s annual street repair program. Crack sealing the pavement helps prevent water from penetrating into the pavement structure or sub-base material and aids in reducing a number of pavement problems which include: crack spreading; formation of voids under pavement; swelling and shrinking of sub-base materials; freeze-thaw action; alligator cracking; potholing; and complete failure. Because of its importance and cost-effectiveness, the Department of Public Works strives to seal each asphalt street in Salina no less often than every seven years. This $498,000 project is part of the City's $5.9 million 2024 street maintenance program.

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